About the Barot Valley

Barot Valley, a part of the Uhl river valley, is a small village situated in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. It is considered a diamond among the beautiful and rough terrains, Barot Valley was initially developed for a hydel project over the Uhl river that has now become a rising tourist spot for travelers who have to love the mountains and tranquil surroundings.

The view of the Barot valley from the top of the hills around is sure to make the trip memorable. And mesmerize you. Click some beautiful pictures, make sure to make your memories with as much beauty of the location as possible.

The trails in the valley also serve as great trekking trails for all levels of trekkers. Medium and advanced level trekkers can choose to camp in the dense Deodar and Oak forests or by the banks of River Uhl to experience nature in all its glory. The river crossing is another favorite between adventure lovers. With only a rope, the activity challenges your strength and focus. It is a perfect activity for team members as it demonstrates and helps build a significant level of team spirit.

Looking for a homestay in Barot Valley?

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